Saturday, December 26, 2009

Surviving the Unexpected Grinches

The Grinch who stole Christmas is alive and doing well.

Four days ago my son called me at work and screamed into the phone, “Mom, there’s water in my closet.” Several hours later, a plumber discovered my bathroom sink pipes had sprung a leak and that the walls behind the bathroom were completely saturated. This resulted in the dry out company cutting holes in my closet and bedroom walls, as well as ripping up carpet, my bathroom floor, and installing nine fans that have tried to blow through my Christmas and writing plans.

I must admit, at first I didn’t handle the shock well. As I cried in my Christmas pudding, complained to whoever would listen, and slept on my couch for three nights, I realized my sulking just wouldn’t do, especially with a houseful of people coming. Since I couldn’t sleep well on my uncomfortable, makeshift bed, I had a lot of time to reflect on my attitude adjustment. After all it was turning out to be a Whoville Christmas, and I couldn’t allow this unexpected inconvenience to ruin the holiday.

I realized I have the Gospel, family, my health, good friends, a roof over my head, and talents. The true meaning of Christmas always exists and for everyone, not just in perfect circumstances. The Savior was born and blessed this world with love and a better way, and the sooner my face reflected these facts, the sooner I could spread this message to everyone.

Although all my Christmas money will go to the deductable, I do have homeowners insurance and will get the tile that has sat in my garage for two years finally installed in my bathroom. I was also able to enjoy my family yesterday and put on a nice dinner for all. What more could I ask for?

As for my writing plans, well, although somewhat delayed, I’ve found a little hole between the food storage buckets and misplaced furniture to write this blog post today. The chaos has given me a different perspective and definately something to write about. I’ll get to my novel later on, too. I will always remember Christmas 2009 and how it reminded me of my blessings. Merry Christmas everyone! It truly has been a good one!


Rebecca Talley said...

I'm glad you were able to enjoy it despite the water problems. Plumbing problems are no fun at all--hope everything gets fixed quickly.

Kari Pike said...

We are very blessed, aren't we! I'm glad you found peace amangst the challenges! Merry Christmas...and a joyous new year to come!

Rachel Andersen said...

I visited my mother for Christmas. When one of the dishes didn't turned out she reminded us of the plenty we had on the table compared to their christmas in 1943 in Holand, where the family shared 1 bullion cube - that was it. Yes we are blessed beyond measure with love and the gospel.
Happy New Year - may it be a good one in regards to needed repairs (may they not materialize.)

Peggy Shumway said...

Thanks all for the well wishes. Peggy

Donna Hatch said...

To be able to count your blessings in the midst of such disappointments is a true gift. Good for you for pulling yourself out of such a big, and many would say, justified slump. I hope you have a better new year!

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